Your Home

I think of my home as a castle. And I bet that’s how you think of yours too. That’s why I will visit you in your home before I would even consider supplying you with our service.

Not only will it give us a chance to meet, but we can discuss the basics of exactly what you need doing each visit. I can also get to know those little things that make your home your own.

So if your pet hate is changing bed linen or you can’t bear to clean the oven – just pass on those rotten jobs to us. And if suddenly your ironing has got a little out of hand one week or you’re expecting guests, just let us know. Our priorities will change with yours.

All of my staff go from door to door in one of our people carriers. So not only are you guaranteed the time spent cleaning your home as you would expect, but that everything is safe and secure as we leave.

Look out for us as we scoot about town!

Newcastle Cleaning Services